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Before downloading the free logo maker software below, take just 5 minutes to read the information on this page because it may save you a lot of time and money whilst increasing the chance of success for your business!

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Free Logo Design Maker Vs Custom Logo Design Service

Does it make good business sense to build a profitable company using a free logo design?  You can only make an educated decision if you have all the information to consider.  Here are the pros and cons of using a free logo design maker compared to a custom logo design service.

Free Logo Maker Software

Free logo maker software comes in many forms.  Some software can be used directly from a web page, whilst other software needs to be downloaded and installed onto your computer or mac.  There are often limitations of usage when using a free logo maker software, including paying to receive certain file formats or additions and upgrades.


1. It´s free.  Nothing to pay to view the design.

2. Available fast.

3. Good for teams, non profits and low cost business concept presentation.

4. Do it yourself.

5. It´s fun.


1. Not unique.

2. Do not own copyright to design.

3. Can not trademark design.

4. Lots of other people using same design.

5. Lacks identity.

6. Unable to build a brand.

7. Possible legal challenge from someone using the same image.

8. Do it yourself (lack of design skill in color, font choice and layout).

9. May cost to download usable file formats.

10. Not suitable for profit driven businesses.

Typical Free Logo Maker Examples


These designs look pleasant but as you can see they lack any real identity. Of course it is possible to shoehorn any design and text together whilst adding a splash of color but is that really enough to build a lasting brand? Before you embark on a free logo design, you should consider the true cost of free! Continue reading to see why spending a little money on a custom logo design could save you money.

Custom Logo Design

Custom logo designers work to a design brief agreed with the client and come up with a set of concepts based on the aspirations and desired goals of the business. This can be done over the internet by completing a simple questionnaire. Each design is hand drawn and then fine tuned with a vector drawing program like Adobe Illustrator.  The copyright of the finished design is often transferred to the client who then applies for a trademark to protect their new brand.  Although custom logo design costs money to develop (often surprisingly low cost) , the finances are generally recouped very quickly, by writing off the purchase as a business expense. Further savings are made because the custom designed logo has a much longer lifespan when compared to a free logo.


1. Completely unique.

2. Copyright ownership a possibility.

3. Can seek trademark status to protect your brand.

4. Representative of your brand aspirations and business goals.

5. Designed by a professional designer.

6. Suitable for building a lasting brand.

7. Costed to fit most budgets.

8. Supplied in all formats for web and print use.

9. It´s fun.

10. It´s fast. (Initial design in just 3 working days).


1. Not free.

2. Not available in minutes.

Typical Custom Logo Design Examples

Custom Logo Examples


The obvious differences between the custom logo design examples above and the free logo maker examples are that the custom logos are clearly designed for a certain business, rather than being a reusable image (icon) where text and color has been applied. You may think design of this quality costs thousands of dollars, and you could be correct.  Having said that, there are custom logo designers in the market today who design logos for small businesses for just a fraction of that, making it a truly cost effective option for any business.  These custom designs are all owned outright by the companies that ordered them, and are all capable of being trademarked to protect their brand. These custom designs can be applied to any marketing materials and web without fear of having to re-brand in a short space of time. Re-branding is very expensive as you need to replace all your marketing materials and try to rebuild new brand recognition. To build a business for the long haul, it does not make commercial sense to use a free logo design because of all the limitations and future risks and costs associated with it. The saying “a poor man always pays twice” rings true for free logo design.


These custom logo designs were provided for just $149 with no extra fees and 100% copyright ownership.  Do you really want a free logo?




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