3 unique logo concepts delivered to your email in just 3 days from today. There is no credit card input and you only pay if you like a design that you want to keep and make changes to. The concepts are free and you only pay for the ownership and copyright if you want to keep the design. The total cost for ownership and copyright is $199 US.


Although you do not need a credit card to start, it is important that you complete as much of this design brief below for 2 simple reasons.
1. The design team needs some information about your business to be able to create a logo that is meaningful to you.
2. We need to make sure you are serious about getting a logo for your business. You must also complete the form in English.

Logo Design Questionnaire

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About Your Logo

Tell us the name of your business or product you want us to design the logo for.

Your Contact Information

Logo styles can be regional. We need to know where you are from so the style of logo matches with your intended audience.

About Your Business

You need to tell us about your business. It has to be in English. Tell us what you do. Tell us how long you have been established. Tell us if your business is local, national or international. The more info you give here, the better the designers understand what is going to work for you.

If you have some ideas of your own about how you want your logo to look, colors we should use, fonts we should use then this is the place to tell us. The more detail you give the closer the designers can get to your dream.

If you have supporting files like images or instructions you can upload them here.

ABOUT is a web property of Graphic Design Ltd. The service provided here is the exact same service as The only difference is you get 3 initial concepts to start as opposed to 5 and we are not asking for payment up front. You can check out the reviews of The Logo Company on both and Google My Business.